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Top 10 Genomics News from – Week of 19 Oct 08

Top 10 genomic news as voted by the genomics community.
Week of 19 Oct 08

  1. PLoS Medicine – Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
  2. YouTube – Current Issues in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  3. After whole genome sequencing comes PCR
  4. The Secondary Genomic Market and Medical Interpretation at HelixGene
  5. Sacred Intentions: Inside the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies
  6. Why genetics takes time and why insurance sucks
  7. The Mouse Trap: The Maudsely debates: anti-depressants and placebo
  8. Breast cancer gene tests — not worth the price? – Breaking Bioethics-
  9. PGP sequence data disappointing
  10. The Howard Stern of Genomics……

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