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DNA Helix

Secondary Market Database

This is a database of all known and reputable secondary genomic services. A secondary genomic service accepts genomic test results produced elsewhere and to provide some service. Please report new services. Think Gene will review the service, and if it seems OK, we’ll add it to this database.

Promethease [link]

Promethease accepts all DTC genomic test data files and outputs a report generated from the open access, Wikipedia-style SNPedia genomic online database. Sample Promethease report: 23andMe,  “Lilly Mendel”

DNA Forums Y Chromosome Database [link]

Adriano Squecco of DNA-Forums.org is collecting Y Chromosome data from all DTC genomic tests to compile an open genealogy community. Email Adriano at [email protected] to participate. The latest database can be viewed as an Excel spreadsheet here: Y DNA Database


EURO DNA Calculator calculates the probability that an individual is “Northwestern European”, “Southeastern European”, or “Ashkenazi Jewish” from common genomic data formats.