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Phenylpiracetam as a nootropic

I recently purchased from phenylpiracetam from LiftMode. I’ve tried other racetams in the past as nootropics, such as the classic piracetamaniracetam, and noopept. For those who aren’t familiar with nootropics, they are “smart drugs”, compounds that result in cognitive enhancement. I didn’t notice much of an effect from piracetam, but I did feel a little something from noopept, though not enough to really warrant continuing to take it.

I settled on anicetam though for a while as my favorite because I definitely noticed an effect from it and it seemed to work, though over time the effects became less noticeable. When I ran out, I decided to give  phenylpiracetam a try… and it blows the others out of the water. I have a strong improvement in verbal skills and working memory, along with a reduction in social anxiety.

So for anyone interested in nootropics, I definitely recommend ordering some phenylpiracetam and seeing how it affects you. I would note that you should take it with a source of choline, or there’s a chance you’ll get a headache. Choline is cheaply available online, in pharmacies, or GNC.

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